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Manta 3 helmets

The future safety Manta 3 SAR helmet is set to revolutionize search and rescue operations. With advancements in technology and design, this helmet promises unparalleled protection and functionality. It’s lightweight yet durable construction ensures maximum comfort for rescuers during high-stress missions.

The Manta SAR helmet is a high-performance multi-role technical rescue helmet with the facility to fit a variety of accessories.  The helmet is tested to three different standards giving it the unique ability to make it suitable for a very diverse field of task or one helmet to do many roles including:

  • Working at Height / Urban Climbing
  • Swift Water Rescue / Maritime Operations / Boat Driver
  • Snowmobile / Jet-ski / Quad Bike
  • Animal Rescue

Why do we recommend Future Safety Manta 3?

It’s quite simple: The Manta 3 integrates with the iricomm3.0 and the all new iriComm 4.0 to give a comfortable and reliable solution for SAR team members. Our existing SAR teams that use the Manta 3 appreciate that the helmet can be customised to reflect their societies logos and brand identity. This model helmet packs a great list of features and incorporates SOLAS tape, glow in the dark vent covers, a retractable visor, visor attachment studs, rear ratchet adjuster and soft release side buckle as standard, making the Manta 3 incredibly good value. Add-on features like torches and head cameras are easily incorporated. Just let us know your requirements and we will get a quote straight over to you.

Future Safety helmets are manufactured in the UK by an SME company who value customer satisfaction over profit which a tremendous consideration in today’s world.

Future Safety has been a leader in the industry for over 30 years, with over forty years of combined personnel experience. The company was formed in 1992 to design, and manufacture specialist PPE for a variety of industries. The company now specialises in manufacturing high performance helmets for Emergency services, Military, Marine, and Sports whilst still serving its original markets of industrial, mining and forestry.