Ullman Dynamics

Ullman Seats: Still the world-leading brand

A RIB fitted with Ullman suspension seats

Dorian Marine are the UK representative for Ullman Dynamics

Ullman Suspension seats are the original marine specific suspension seat with a simple but extremely reliable mechanism.

The Ullman range of seats cover all aspect of high speed craft from compact jockey suspension seats to larger bucket and captains chair systems.

The seats are regarded as the go-to seats for both Military and commercial operators with a strong demand in the leisure sector also.

A RIB fitted with Ullman suspension seats

Why choose Ullman?

  • They are scientifically proven to provide better impact protection
  • Do not break
  • Do not corrode
  • Do not need any maintenance
  • The lightest weight
  • The smallest footprint
  • Outperform any other jockey seats in terms of comfort
  • Reduce risk of injuries
  • Reduce physical fatigue
  • Do not bottom-out
  • 3 years worldwide warranty – extendable
  • Exemption from the EU directive
  • Height adjustment where it is useful – for the feet
  • 20+ years in professional use in 70+ countries – with zero failures
  • Lower life cycle costs

Here at Dorian Marine, we carry a large range of samples here in the UK and are happy to visit clients with seats to enable them to look at the seats in the flesh and experience the comfort and technology that goes into the best marine seats in the world.

A RIB fitted with Ullman suspension seats